At the borderlands of truth and fiction, dreams and nightmares, you’ll find a rusty, bullet-riddled road sign that reads Welcome to Texas. Atmospheric, scripted, and informative, Tex Arcana is equal parts museum and mausoleum. Each episode explores an obscure slice of Texas legend and digs deep to unearth the historical and cultural truths beneath. We want to share our passion for history and storytelling in a way that anyone can enjoy, whether they’re a lifelong Texan or just passin’ through. If you love history or just like a good campfire tale, our porch is always open, y’all.


Tex Arcana is written and produced by Ryan Sheffield & Brad Dougher.

Ryan Sheffield is an artist, writer, game designer, and recreational folklorist. []

Brad Dougher is a public historian, museum consultant, avocational archaeologist, and Texas traveler.

Together they founded and operate indie tabletop game company Craft Fair Games.

They both live in Denton, TX.